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We provide real, guided, safe, comfortable, and amazing Africa holidays in Congo. From voyaging on the Congo River, to spectacular and original Congo Safaris, to gorilla tours, travel to the Congo rainforest and see animals, tribes, and culture.  Receive better value and price options than anyone on the internet, or on the ground in RoC and DRC. The New York Times named our destinations and parks some of the, “Best places to visit in the world in 2013.” This is real and exhilarating Africa, and its final frontier. Come see it with CTT.

Congo Tours – Animals, Adventure, Culture, River, and Rainforest Tours

Ride the infamous river into the “heart of darkness,”…see timeless native villages and forests as old as time…see mountain gorillas in the wild for far cheaper and in far more natural habitat than in Rwanda, Uganda or anywhere else in Africa…take the new 2013 “jungle train” from the famous river-towns of Kinshasa and Brazzaville to the green rainforest volcanoes and white beaches…trek in the epic sprawling wilderness of Africa’s most untouched expanses…explore a tank graveyard of rusting war machines from “Africa’s World War” over the DRC…visit and support a gorilla orphanage for protecting Africa’s endangered wildlife…Trek in what the New York Time’s called the “best place to spot wildlife in Africa,” and one of “the best places to visit in 2013” in the northern jungles hinging 4 African nations and rich with animals and unbroken and beautiful wilderness.

We offer real, safe, guided and comprehensive, original and unforgettable tours of Africa’s last great, and best, frontier for tourism.

Considering Congo? Stop right here. Read:

Be very careful of American, European, and some African resellers who re-sell our tours and are on a blacklist of agents we do not work with. There’s a lot of disinformation and dishonesty among reseller agents, and you are advised to plan & read carefully.

The Congo is grand, and open for 2017, but it is very very remote. It is among the real and out-of-the-media last wildest places on earth, and certainly in Africa.

You need to read the briefing room section and the terms and conditions. Don’t forget! This is not Africa. This is the Congo. This is not the 190 other countries you’ve visited prior to this on your adventure. This is the Congo, and not like there, nor does there prepare you for this part of the world.

You must listen and please examine your trip plans and align expectations according to reality, the rules, and instructions of the tour authority on this one.

Ready? Come on over to Africa’s Last Frontier!

We provide real, guided, safe, comfortable, and amazing Africa holidays in Congo. From voyaging on the Congo River, to gorilla tours, the Congo Rainforest, & spectacular and original Congo Safaris. Travel to the Congo and see animals, tribes, and culture. This is real and exhilarating Africa, and its final frontier. Come see it with Congo Travel and Tours.

Congo Short Business Breaks – Half Day, Full Day, and 2 Day Tours

Visiting Brazzaville, Pointe Noire, or Kinshasa for business or for a short time? Are you an expat in the Congo or somewhere else looking for something to do for a weekend? Want to squeeze in some education, fun, or sightseeing to attractions in Congo?

CTT has a line of short business breaks tours that pick you up and guide you at your leisure for a half day, full day, or 2 days excursion into some of the Congo’s best sites and famous parks, with luxury gourmet food and comfortable 4×4 vehicles that can take a single traveler all the way up to an entire family or business group.

Travel in the Congo

We provide the most up to date information for tourists and businessmen in the Congo. Know before you go. Travel safe, travel smart. See the best Africa has to offer the world in travel, adventure, and business.