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This is what tourists have been saying about CTT’s leaders, guides, and tours…

“This year I was part of a team responsible for arranging he logistics of 6 professionals from a US based NGO who needed to get from Goma to Kindu and Kisangani. Congo Travel and Tours worked with us every step of the way. They helped us assure the safety of our travelers while organizing a detailed agenda. Not only Hotels, in country flights and ground transportation, but speed boat transport as well. CTT is very knowledgeable and professional!”

– Raptim Humanitarian Travel Team, All-Year Multiple Logistics to 15+ different DRC cities medical technology distribution program, 2016-17

“I travel a lot–my trip to republic of Congo
Was my favorite ever! Amazing! Thanks”

– Bill Cook, Birthday trip and Odzala National Park Safari

“Hi Seen,
I had an amazing time on the tour yesterday. You’re right that Badji is a star. And the interpreter Daniel was awesome. They took excellent care of me.
And the customer service was very good – prompt replies from you and Chris and a lot of helpful info pre-trip.
I would definitely recommend the tour to my family and friends or take another tour myself with your company if I come back.
Thank you!”

– Selina Harrington, UK, Best of Pointe Noire and Around Tour

“Hi Chris !
We really had a great time !!!!
It was good fun with Koen and Santa. They are super good guides 👍 👍 👍
Thanks for all the Organisation and the nice communication.
My wife likes the Hotel too. It was a good Choice as well.thank you very much for this good value Deal !!
Lets keep in touch and i will keep you informed. Hopefully we can do something together.
Cheers from Cape Town”

– Immo Steckler, Lufthansa Captain, Germany, Dual-Congo Budget Tour and Fun Circuit

“Having breakfast with magnificent view over the misty Sangha river… Can’t help thinking about Apocalypse now. Wading through shallow waters with the sun penetrating through the bursts of the forest’s leafy ceiling, creating a magnificent red and orange forest floor. Hiking through the deep mysterious jungle, flashes of gorillas in front of you as you walk, elephant sounds in the back, tons of beautiful butterflies gliding with us through the forest as our cano helps us through the swamp. Mysterious eyes of bush babies, fire flies and glowing spiders during night walks. The chanting of the pygmy hunters in the back of our truck … This has truly been one of my most fascinating travels so far …Satellite internet in the jungle from Central African Republic, pretty cool”

– Koen Dhuyvetter, Nouabale Ndoki and C.A.R. Combo Multi-country Tour

“Hi Koen,
Mr Badji did a nice job and the lunch on the sandbank island (in the Congo River) was really quite memorable. Mr Badji was very pleasant and I enjoyed seeing the rapids on the river and the boat trip especially.
Thanks for the coordination.

– Joe Busby, USA, Congo Custom Tour

“In July 2015 I made a trip of almost three weeks in DR Congo. John Katumba from CTT (CT) was my guide. First we visited Kinshasa and the surrounding area including the bonobo sanctuary and the Zongo Falls. Then we flew to Mbandaka for a week-long trip in the deep jungle. We visited a number of Pygmy villages, by pirogue. Unique experience. Finally, we flew to Lubumbashi where we visited the Lofoi Falls and the mining area around Likasi. All in all it was a fascinating journey. DR Congo is not the easiest country to travel. All the time John took great care of me, paying attention to my health and safety. Also in situations where things turn out differently from what was planned or anticipated, John came up with a good alternative. In one word, John is a very professional guide. I warmly recommend him.”

– Hans, Netherlands, Grand Panoramic Tour of Interior DRC

“Hi Seen,
We very much enjoyed our tours with your team. They did an excellent job taking care of us at every venue and in every way, not to mention how well they responded to our requests for changes in the itinerary as we went along. The entire week was a fascinating experience, especially between destinations, when we were able to get out into the streets, markets and communities and see “real life”. Our guide Erneste did a superb job during every one of those “detours” and made us feel quite comfortable no matter where we were.
The major highlights of the week for us were exploring the amazing little ecosystem that has evolved under the spray and mist on the cliffs facing the Zongo Falls, visiting the arboretum and botanical gardens at Kisantu (we skipped the caves at Mbanza Ngungu that day and spent all our time there instead!), and walking through some of the small villages to meet the people and learn how mbika and cassava are made.
You were actually recommended to me by an acquaintance at the US Embassy in Kinshasa, and I would happily recommend your tours to my friends, as well. I felt that there was an amazing level of personal service throughout the entire process, from your quick response to my questions during the booking process right through “goodbyes” with our team on the last day. We could not have asked for a better experience.”

– CB & Erica Stevens, USA, DRC Custom Tour Multi-day

“Tele Expedition – What a corker!
I’d seen lac Tele on the map and decided it was something worth walking to. It’s in the middle of no where, lac Tele national park is famous for having the highest density of gorillas in the Congo basin and the swampy terrain necessary to get to the lake sounded like a true challenge.
I later found Congo Travel and Tours were running trips to Lac Tele and got in touch. Chris, the director, immediately got back to me with all transport and logistic details I needed. I was in Brazzaville at the time and he set me up with his lead guide, Omar Badji.
Having travelled from the U.K. to Congo-Brazza by motorbike I had some understanding of organisational difficulties in Africa, however I couldn’t have done Lac Tele without Chris and Badjie. They know all the major players in the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) and, importantly, Boha village. Boha, with its central chieftain, melee of influential families and seeming autonomy was one of the highlights of my trip. However gaining permission to visit the Lac from the chieftain (“The Notable”) and appeasing the different families is not a joke. Chris and Badjie ensured that I had everything I needed to ensure things ran smoothly. My WCS guide (Sylvester Ebethas, a native from Boha) also acted as an effective mediator.
The trek is every rainforest explorers dream – there is a 50km ‘piste’ from Boha to the Lac. It takes you through ancient untouched forests and a bugger of a swamp. WIldlife seems to gravitate to the lac, so if you’ve spent the entire trek staring at the ground to avoid the roots or searching for the lead porter, you’re in for a treat when you arrive. Crocs, chimpanzees, gorillas, (and supposedly bonobo’s) all live by the lac’s banks which you can explore by foot or canoe.
So a big thanks to Congo Travel and Tours who were accomodating to my needs and made thhe expedition possible! Cheers”

– Alex P, UK, Motorcycle Trip across the entirety of Africa and Lake Tele Abyssal Zone Wilderness Expedition

“Hi Chris,
Your staff and tour team were amazing! Ana showed up on time, which, after our experience with getting to the Congo, was amazing in itself. I loved the trip up the river in the pirogue and hope that Ana got a photo of me in the boat. I did get lots of interesting photos myself. My favorite parts the next day were visiting the museum about de Brazza and seeing the boys jumping into the rapids on the river. This part may not have been on the original tour but suggested by Fernand as a place to have lunch — at the Rapids restaurant. Fernand, Mayc, and Serge were all reliable, caring and hospitable. They made me feel at home. Ana is a jewel — friendly, reliable, adventurous and lovely.
The trip to the gorilla preserve was also excellent. The preserve itself was very nice and it was wonderful to see the work they are doing protecting the gorillas. I sent two photos to Ana of the gorillas, but will send some other photos later.
I would recommend Congo Travel and Tours to friends and family. Thank you for making the trip to Congo such an excellent experience.”

– Linda Hoover (and David Hoover) , Louna and Gorillas Overnight, Congo River Full Day Tour, and Brazzaville City, Culture, and History Tour, USA

“How are you? Have you recovered from our adventure in Congo?
I am at Toronto Airport on my way home and have finally found a working online connection. The gorilla watching was absolutely great (and easy on the body).
First of all I want to apologize for not taking some (more) time to talk to you at Brazzaville Airport. I was really stressed out.
Ethiopian Air cancelled my booking when I could not produce a credit card that paid for the flight. I could not produce it because my bank had forced me to get a new one because my old one was threatened with fraud. No discussion would change their mind so I had to buy a new ticket for USD 1,100! I was in the middle of this discussion when you brought my luggage up. The ticket agent said I could make the flight if I got the ticket bought in 10 minutes. Again my apologies for being short with you.
My sincere thanks to you and the cooler for making a potentially really tough trip really kind of fun. Without you my trip would have been a disaster.
Please keep in touch and let me know how you are doing.
Thanks again,”

– John Patterson, Nouabale Ndoki National Park Safari

“Thank you so much for all your help ,and information. We can definitely recommend CTT to our friends. Best wishes and many thanks,”

– Carol McGrath, Australia, Congo Custom Tour (Independent Travelers)

“It was a great day out!. The mausoleum was very interesting as was the river and the bonobos. We had a big rain the night before so a bridge washed out near the bonobos, but the guides managed to get me there still via foot and motorbike for the last segment. The two guidemen were very nice and did a good job. I liked all aspects of the tour – it was a great day out and a very nice way to see Kinshasa especially as a single visitor.”

– Andrea Esser, Solo Female USA Traveler, Kinshasa day tour

“Am just back from a wonderful 2 centre trip to the Republic of Congo. Started with 3 days in Pointe Noire and Conkouati National Park on the coast. The 2 days spent at the chimp rehabilitation and re wilding centre deep inside the park were magical, especially the boat ride up river into dense jungle. The volunteers, Heather, Clement and Chloe, couldn’t have been kinder and my CTT guides Badji ( who coped gallantly with my abominable French! ) and Yves really went out of their way to make my stay a happy one. Much appreciated. The second leg took me to Brazzaville and included a ride up the mighty Congo to a fishing village and 2 days in Louna National Park, accompanied by lovely French Canadian Michael, who was the perfect host/guide… ,everything laid on right down to the bottle of Absolut he whipped out of his cold box along with a smoked chicken at our jungle camp. The camp has all mod cons, don’t worry. The baby gorillas were beyond cute. The Congolese conservation staff do a fantastic job of caring for the orphaned ( with the hope of re introducing them into the wild ) and the elderly. The river trip was another stunner. In Congo, don’t expect to see animals in the vast numbers you might get in the safari parks of Eastern and Southern Africa but the quality of the experience is what counts not the quantity of creatures. I will never forget the brief moment I looked into the eyes of a shy forest elephant only feet away in Conkouati and close encounters with swimming hippos in Louna Park; the boat had to make a rapid getaway from a big male who objected to us lurking around his ladies. CTT does a very professional job… and that’s from someone who works in the tourism industry herself! Highly recommended.”

– Charlotte Freeman, Singapore/UK, Age 65 , Coast to River Odyssey

“CTT’s Guides are super nice. Things like the hot shower in the jungle was totally appreciated. Watching diving swimming elephants is special and amazing on the tour. Baby elephants are very kawaii (cute). This time was best season, best timing, I like seeing summer squalls in the jungle too is very magical. CTT service was very good and met all expectations, even though this is the most difficult destination I’ve been in africa.”

– Hisako Matsui, age 62, Japan, on Nouabale Ndoki National Park Safari

“Have always been professional with our two trips with them… Before the trip: (Our guide) was punctual in our appointment, answered all our questions, gave us all kinds of information, prices were clear, and payments should be done. We were very satisfied with the security. They did not take risks… They asked us questions and corrected along the way if it was necessary (change of hotel, food, etc.) We recommend the excursions to other friends and colleagues and we want more excursions if the opportunity arises. (Other guide) is a good communicator with tourists and with the villagers we visited. We had the impression that he was respected by the people of the places we went. This also allowed us to feel safe and welcomed by the villagers. Our experience with him was very positive and we highly recommend it.”

– Carmen (Bordeaux)

“It was a really good tour!! With our local guide and driver I got what I expected.”

– Torsten (Germany)

“I definitely enjoyed my time at RoC, and Brazzaville with CTT, a fun group of people and very international company.”

– Ivan (Moscow)

What we liked about CTT was…

-Ability to customize a trip based on our availability.

-Chris and Sasha (English Speaking Staff) accompanying us on our trip

-Travel to and from Conkouati-Douli NP was done in a Toyota Landcruiser with an experienced driver Serge. After the rains, driving on unpaved roads was difficult and our car proved that it was made to handle this type of surface while other cars were stuck in the mud.

-The activities like Chimpanzee visits, boat ride (from the national park) to the beach, kayaking, and meals at a local village”

– Francis & Melissa (Hawaii)

“People like you based in ecotourism are just as important as us scientists and researchers in keeping these last wild areas under protection for as long as possible by exposing them for what they are, natural resources in need of conservation. You deal mainly with convincing the public while we deal mainly with convincing the government.”

– Nancy Barker, Ph.D. Candidate – Conservation Ecology
Department of Environmental Science, Policy & Management
University of California at Berkeley, USA

“We had an amazing, unforgettable time. Thanks so much. The guides were wonderful and it was great to see so much of Congo.

Tresor was an absolute star from start to finish. She looked after us brilliantly in Pointe Noire, was great fun, and our knight in shining armour on numerous occasions during the rest of the trip.

We loved Mr. Badi! Such a sweet, kind man and a very skilled guide. Travelling through the villages would have been impossible without him. He kept in touch throughout the rest of our trip too, checking everything was going well. He’s brilliant…

You guys chose a great route for us, and nice hotels, and everything went really smoothly (considering it was Congo!) We have a ridiculous number of great memories. Maya and I are not on Facebook but if you want a quote from us, endorsing you, we’d be very happy to provide. We would definitely recommend your company, and Congo, to our friends. The whole trip exceeded our expectations.

Just had a look at Madagascar. Looks tremendous.”

– Hope all’s well with you all,
Joe and Maya