Kinshasa Day Tours


Kinshasa, capital of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, is the country’s largest city and launching point for our short excursions south and east of the Congo River. Choose from river voyages, Bonobo sightseeing, or waterfalls. Ideal travel experiences for individuals and groups who are short on time.

1. Kinshasa City Tour | $149

sbb1-tnA comprehensive one-day city tour.

Main attractions include: the Place of Independence, the Botanical Garden, the main stadium, the National Parliament, the National Institute and Museum, the great Arts market, and the Musical Center.

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2. “Sapeurs” Style and Muhammad Ali “Rumble in the Jungle” Tour | $399

Sapeurs are a peculiar and interesting aspect of Kinshasa that many miss out on. Today you’ll experience their luxurious attire and one of the most famous spots of Kinshasa where one of Muhammad Ali’s biggest fights took place. The Rumble in the Jungle.

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3. Kinshasa By Night(life!) | $119

ssb2-tnExperience the Congolese night life. The popular music of Congo is considered the best in all of Africa and tonight you can hear Ndombolo, Rumba, and all the other famous music forms of the country in the heart of the nightlife, Matonge. Visit the raucous casinos and clubs, the huge live music bars, and show houses.

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4. Congo River Cruise – Kinshasa | $199

Cruise the world’s second largest river in comfort with a bilingual guide. Gaze at countless ships, villages, and local fishermen as you go further up toward the islands and villages north of the rivertowns. Witness thousands of fish and birdlife, all colorful, and many undocumented! See farmers tilling the riverside and going about their daily lives, as well as nearby river markets, and island communities.

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5. Eco Excursion – Bonobos, Ma Valle Lake, & Lukaya Cascades | $199

kin-sbb4-bonobos-tnOne-day Eco-Excursion to Lola ya Bonobo Sanctuary, Lake Ma Vallee, and the Chutes de la Lukaya (waterfalls).This stunning and cute eco-tour provides a rich, educational experience. Bonobos are found only in the Democratic Republic of Congo. In addition to spending time at the Sanctuary, enjoy lunch at the waterfalls in nearby Lukaya, and a hike at the green lake of Ma Vallee.

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6. Zongo Waterfalls | $359

bas-congoLocated 130 kilometers (c. 90 miles) from Kinshasa, an early morning pick-up will take you through spectacular scenery to the Zongo Waterfalls. Water spews forth from the mountains and falls on rocks 65 meters (more than 200 feet). The park itself, Zongo Park, provides a lovely setting. A meal and visit to the Seli Lodge is included.

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7. Bombo Lumene | $299

kn-sbb6-tnNamed after two regional rivers, Bombo Lumene is a wonderful area for observing flora and fauna. This is a wonderful area to relax, picnic, hike, and even swim. Other attractions on this tour include a visit to the Bateke villages near Bombo, and the spectacular drive through the Bombo Valley.

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8. Kisantu Botanical Garden and Mbanza Ngungu | $249

kn-sbb7-tnExplore a natural garden containing flora from everywhere in the world. The Inkinsi River flows through the garden and offers majestic spectacles. Other attractions on this tour include a visit to the Mbanza Ngungu Cave, home to the African Blind Barb Fish.

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