Kisangani Day Tours


1. Kisangani (“Stanleyville”) Day Tour | $279,99

As an incredibly important hub for trade within the country, Kisangani plays an important role in the economy of the DRC. The city has a rich, somewhat tumultuous history, great architecture, nature, and even better people!

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2. Stanley Falls (Boyoma Falls) & Wagenia Fisherman Day Tour | $349,99

One of the most incredible experiences, while you’re in the Kisangani area, is the Wagenia fishermen. The locals here, use traditional fishing methods and tools that were used 200 years ago, to this day! In addition to witnessing one of the largest waterfalls by volume in the world, the Wagania fishing practice is an experience unlike anywhere else in the world.

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3. Canoe on the Congo River from Stanleyville (Kisangani) | $249,99

Perhaps a combo of everything you need to see while you’re in Kisangani is today! From a traditional and common means of transport, a pirogue along Africa’s most famous river, to the city’s famous zoo, hydroelectric dam, and waterfalls you’re sure to feel well introduced to Kisangani and its surroundings by the end of the day!

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